Tech2 Ballpoint Pen


Loves paper and mobile touchscreens.

You’re accustomed to the writing precision of a Cross pen. It’s only natural that we’d bring that distinctive experience to a stylus. Tech2 combines both in one instrument. A smoother glide and increased accuracy will make bringing ideas to life feel effortless, whether on paper or your mobile screen.

  • Trim, classic design featuring a ballpoint pen and a narrow 6mm precision stylus

  • Compatibility with most capacitive touchscreen devices

  • Lifetime mechanical guarantee

  • Premium Gift Box

About the Finish

  • Satin black finish, with Satin Black appointments

About the Tip

  • Swivel-action propel/repel feature

  • Specially formulated Cross ink flows flawlessly for a superior writing experience

  • Includes one black medium ballpoint tip (refill #8513)

  • Narrow 6mm precision stylus


0.66 inches 


5.23 inches 


0.66 oz


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