New Environmental Accreditation for Hype Branding

Hype Branding takes its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) seriously

We are now registered as a CIS 14001: 2004 business. The 14001:2004 is an international standard used to appraise an organisation’s environmental management systems. Having this certification reassures clients that we take our impact on the environment seriously, and we will do all that we can to minimise it.

An environmental management system that complies to the international standard takes all kinds of elements into account – from recycling, reducing and reusing, to reducing the amount of electrical equipment being used, and energy usage overall and looking at our use of transportation.

In addition, Hype Branding is committed to sourcing the best quality branded goods, but not at the expense of environmental and ethical issues. We carry out all the necessary checks on our factories overseas and within the UK to ensure they comply with all of the relevant safety regulations and that they are fully certified.

For more information about our CSR policies, see here

Joel Benson