How to Take the Best Selfie

Here at Hype Branding, we like to tap into the latest and the greatest when it comes to offering our clients the coolest and most popular promotional products. Hence we are currently promoting the selfie sticks!

Let’s face it everyone’s at it (get it…face it!! boom boom )

Celebrities at the Oscars are posing on the stage, there are pictures all over social media sites. “The Selfie” is now a common phrase known to all in the English language!

So…. We thought we would put together a little guide on how to produce the perfect selfie !

Here’s how:

  1. Take the picture from above. Most selfies look best taken from this angle as it tends to make your face look slimmer.

  2. Check the lighting – too dark, or too harsh and it won’t be flattering.

  3. Background check – the best backgrounds are plain backgrounds.

  4. The more the merrier. Envious of those celeb shots because they look so perfect? That’s because lots of pics will be taken until they find the perfect shot – so take loads of them.

  5. Edit, edit, edit. Crop your pic, add in the right filter and discard the bad ones.

  6. Find your best angle and side. All of us have a good angle. Think of Victoria Beckham, who always stands at an angle, hand on hip, one knee bent and unsmiling. (It works for her !)

  7. Mirrors out. Never take the shot in front of the mirror – it always looks naff, and rarely makes for a good pic.

And finally – the selfie stick is your new best friend. For a branded selfie stick, that comes with built-in Bluetooth, 850ml extension and will hold any phone, check out this one here!

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