Game, Set and Match - Promotional Branding with a Wimbledon Flavour

Hype Branding loves tennis and, in particular, that fine British tennis tradition of Wimbledon. With one of Britain's biggest sporting events nearly upon us…. It's got us thinking! Will Murray continue his breathtaking recent form by claiming the win on home soil? We sure hope so!

The French Open is already underway, meaning London's turn is just around the corner. And we might not have been as lucky as to secure tickets for those oh-so-sought after men and women’s finals, but we will certainly be there in spirit as the giants of world tennis battle it out on the courts.

If you want to cash in on tennis fever, we have all the sporting gear that can be expertly branded with your company or business logo and strapline. We have sportswear clothing, such as polo shirts, hooded sweatshirts, cool fit polo shirts and water bottles all waiting to be branded - sending out those easy advertising messages to the world.

We don’t wish to disparage British weather but, if you are going to Wimbledon, it is best to be prepared. Should the heavens open and the rain come down, an umbrella or a wind cheater is a wise choice for avid tennis fan, so why not invest in some beautifully branded umbrellas to spread your message far and wide?

This year, Wimbledon will run from June 29 to July 12.

Are you ready? 

Joel BensonComment