Branded Fitness Gear – A Great New Year Resolution

Making more of your brand might be a New Year resolution for you, but what about your employees and how can you capitalise on the kind of self-improvement resolutions people tend to undertake at this time of year?

As is traditional in January, many people think about improving their health and fitness. Branded sports items, therefore, are a great way of getting your name and logo out there.

There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to branding health and fitness goodies – polo shirts, hooded tops, towels and water bottles are what spring to mind immediately. But remember, you can also brand yoga mats, golf umbrellas, rucksacks, kit bags and more.

Employees who keep fit are said to be more productive – it’s Richard Branson’s top tip for productivity after all. Branded work-out gear can provide additional motivation for exercise. And employees who are fit are good for your business – they are less likely to get sick, they have more energy and focus, and they have more self-confidence.

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Joel BensonComment