My job in a nutshell

As a Director, I juggle an exciting variety of job roles. First and foremost is managing my client portfolio and providing them with the very best service.  I look after all of the IT systems and spend a lot of time enhancing our internal processes to ensure the smooth running of the business. I also oversee marketing strategies.

Random fact about me

I have had five (yes five) knee operations after suffering an anterior cruciate ligament football injury which ended my football career at the age of just 23!

What I like doing outside of Hype

I love spending time with my family including my beautiful wife, kids and dog. I enjoy eating out and spending time socialising with my friends. I love movies and Call of Duty on the PS4. I enjoy keeping up-to-date with the latest in technology and I have to have the newest gadget on the market.

My favourite random fact

The further away we look into deep space, the further back in time we are also seeing as the source of the light that we see has travelled incomprehensible distances! 

Get in touch

E-mail: Telephone: 020 3582 7061 e.